Safety First For Motorcycle Cops

With the warm weather here, many law enforcement officers are abandoning their confining patrol cars and opting to ride around on motorcycles instead. Of course, using a different type of vehicle creates a whole new series of potential risks. Follow these safety tips to ensure you are prepared to put safety first while you’re out on the road.

  • Only ride to your comfort level – if you aren’t comfortable engaging in a high speed chase while on your bike, don’t! Let the officers in patrol cars engage in the chase, and focus on your own safety while helping with the case.
  • Wear protective gear – don’t skip the protective gear. A helmet keeps your head safe, and long pants and sleeves reduce the likelihood of road rash or other similar injuries. Plus, you set a good example for other members of the community, and that may encourage them to wear their safety gear regardless of what state or municipal laws dictate.
  • Be careful when setting up speed traps – when you are using a motorbike, you don’t have the benefit of positioning your patrol car in such a way that it barricades you safely from traffic. When out with a bike, you are more or less exposed. Proceed with caution and put your safety first.



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