Should Cops Be In Therapy?

A law enforcement officer has a job that is anything but easy. Day after day you witness some of the worst aspects of human nature, and experience sights and sounds that don’t just disappear from your memory. Some cops may brush off their experiences by saying “it’s just part of the job” but the reality is, some things affect you more than others and that is only natural as you are human.

Many officers try to deal with stresses of the job on their own, but sometimes this can be detrimental to their mental health. Keeping everything to yourself and bottled up can become too much. You may not be able to talk about the details of your job with just anyone, but you can talk to a therapist who is required to maintain your privacy.

Therapy is a good idea for a cop when:

  • You experience post traumatic stress due to an incident on the job that puts you at risk.
  • You become connected to a victim or a victim’s family member in a way that makes you more compassionate. These instances can affect you on a deeper level.
  • You find yourself obsessing over a case to a degree that impacts your relationship with loved ones.
  • You suffer emotionally while working a case that hits home with you.
  • Loved ones suggest that you should seek help.
  • You have a hard time leaving your wok at work when you return home.

The above are just some of the common reasons why police officers choose to get help through therapy. If you have recognized other signs in yourself or in a LEO that you work with, please share your story with us!


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