German Shepherds and K-9 Units

German Shepherds. Considered to be one of the best workers around the globe, this breed is canine royalty. They are also one of the most beautiful, confident, and smartest dogs around. They are highly trainable, so their ability to learn commands is one of their greatest attributes. Always willing to put their life on the line for their family or their fellow Police Officers, German Shepherds are the preferred dog for law enforcement and military units world-wide.

First-Rate Choice for Law Enforcement Safety
German Shepherds are not only utilized as Police Dogs, but also vastly recognized as service dogs. Their loyalty and commitment make them a first-rate choice for law enforcement safety, because they always put the needs and well-being of the Officer and their loved ones first.

What is a K-9 Unit?
K-9 units are a specialized group of law enforcement officers. Not only do they perform their usual duties as Officers, but they are also responsible for using service dogs to perform the responsibilities of a police officer.

The care and training of their canine partner to enforce the law and apprehend criminals, doesn’t end when they leave work. The dog is the police officer’s partner at home too. That means that when they get home, their family is also prepared to take care of the dog and make sure he/she is cared for even when the family goes on vacation.

Specialized Tasks:
• Detect illegal substances, chemicals, and explosives
• Identify individuals who were in contact with illegal substances
• Track and rescue kidnapped or missing persons
• Locate buried or submerged bodies or human parts

Fun Facts:
• German Shepherds were originally created to herd sheep
• They didn’t start becoming popular until the 1900s

It certainly makes us feel better knowing these strong, yet gentle creatures are on our side, and working for the good and safety of the good guys.

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