Have you been Pwned?

With so many of us working remotely from home, and kids doing online schooling, the need to extend online security encompasses all of us.

We practice good hand washing habits and use hand sanitizer to help protect us from germs and diseases. So, why not practice good online habits to keep us safe?

Here are three common mistakes that can compromise your information:

1. Don’t reuse passwords! Especially if the password was leaked in a data breach. Use this site to see if any of your accounts have been involved in data breaches: https://haveibeenpwned.com/.

2. Be cautious when using FREE pubic WiFi! Yes, it’s free, but a hacker could be lurking just a few feet away who is hoping you connect with no password or protection. They can easily setup a device that looks like your favorite coffee shop or airport connection, but as soon as you “login,” they can view everything you do on your device.

3. Update your smart device! Don’t ignore the messages that your computer or your cell phone send you to update your system. Software updates are useful, because they add new features and update possible security flaws already in place. And don’t forget about other smart devices, such as your TV, home security system, speakers, printer, and even your garage door opener.

Here is a great option to store and use strong passwords: https://1password.com/. Be aware and don’t think “that would never happen to me.” Protect your passwords, update your systems, and stay on top of the game, so that the bad guys don’t out smart you!

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