Counterfeit Cargo

Did you know that millions of cargo items are inspected before they are allowed to be sold to the public? And that more often than not, knock off items are making their way into the United States? With Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals popping up, this is prime target for counterfeiters to strike!

Thankfully, we have Custom and Border Patrol Agents who use intel to intercept items BEFORE they can enter the market. Some containers hide fake goods. These are items that are cheaply made and designed to look authentic. Sometimes they are even dangerous.

To make sure they are legitimate and safe, Special Agents go through cargo containers one at a time. They are finding toxic levels of led and chemicals in toys, unsafe Christmas lights that can easily burst into flames, cell phones, handbags, jewelry, and so much more. In fact, children’s clothing (tested for led) and dolls are a big safety problem. Knock off dolls many times test positive for a high level of Phthalates (a substance used to make plastics soft and flexible). These items are cheaply made and designed to look authentic, but they are counterfeit.

What is the money funding?
Buying counterfeit items funds terrorism, human trafficking, and criminal organizations.

Why shouldn’t you buy counterfeit goods?
• They’re not safe!
• Criminals are breaking the law by importing and selling these goods.
• Identity Fraud can come into play.

What can you do about this?
• Buy from reputable stores and websites
• When you shop online, make sure the company has a real address and phone number
• If the price is too good to be true, that’s a red flag. Be smarter than the criminals.

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