Recruiting Female Officers

For years, the number of female police officers has been slow to increase versus their male counter parts. However, now, agencies are making a concerted effort to increase their sworn demographics.


Here tips for recruiting female officers:

  • Ensure equity
  • Decrease the emphasis on military preference.
  • Rethink shifts and reliance on “full-time” officers:
    • Change start and ending times and consider job sharing and part-time.
  • Implement strong policies against harassment and ensure there are strong policies prohibiting discrimination.
  • Create policies that support those raising children:
    • Allow nursing mothers – especially those on patrol – flexibility in their schedules to accommodate expressing breast milk in designated spaces.
  • Recruit at non-traditional events/locations
  • Participate in women and minority law enforcement associations

A department that is trying to create opportunities will want to set an example and do everything in its power to help women feel welcomed from all cultures.

[Police Magazine – June 2022]

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