Protection Currently Offered to Police

Police advocates and members of the force constantly battle for increased officer protection. But, do you know what many of the US police forces across the country do currently to protect their officers?

Enforce mandatory equipment rules – many police forces insist that their officers always wear their protective gear when they’re out on patrol. For example, their bulletproof vests must be on at all times. Other departments make the use of these protective vests optional, but there is increased safety when it is not left up to personal choice.

Procedures to protect officers from unfair treatment – different municipalities and police departments operate in different ways; however, they all have protocols in place to protect officers and their jobs. In most cases, an officer cannot be dismissed from the police force as a result of one individual’s decision. Even when there is a job performance issue, an investigation is conducted, so officers have an increased sense of job security.

Availability of suitable equipment – many US police forces make it their priority to regularly upgrade their equipment. This means providing officers with cars that are more reliable and effective, and the best of modern weaponry. The new items make it possible for police to do their jobs safely. A faster, quieter vehicle may allow them to apprehend a suspect undetected, and better guns make it possible to gain the upper hand in a dangerous situation.

Pensions and benefit packages – police departments reward their hard working officers by offering comprehensive health benefits that cover them on and off the job. Additionally, pensions are regularly offered to allow officers to more comfortably retire.

Despite all of the positive things that the various police departments have implemented, more consistency, and increased protection is required. If you are looking for a job in law enforcement, make sure that your position offers you, at minimum, a combination of the above.  You can learn more about the specific government laws in California with regards to police protection here.


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