What the Dorner Manhunt Teaches Us About the Importance of Privacy for Cops

With the manhunt for cop-killer, and ex-LAPD officer Christopher Dorner still ongoing, it reinforces exactly why it is so important that we take steps to protect all members with law enforcement using any means necessary. A number of things that have occurred with this incident show why privacy for cops is essential:

  • Former LAPD police chief, Bill Bratton, outlines how a high level of planning went into Dorner’s attacks – significant forethought and strategy was used, particularly in the attacks against Monica Quan and Keith Lawrence, who were found dead in their car last Sunday night. While neither of these individuals were members of law enforcement, Quan’s father was a police Captain who represented Dormer before he was fired from the police force. While it has not been revealed how he located these individuals (to our knowledge), the availability of personal information online likely contributed to his ability to complete his vendetta. Similar information available online about other officers could have helped him carry out his plans as the issue continued to escalate.
  • Even police can be rattled and require protection – police and members of the law enforcement community have been on edge. Two of the officers that were attacked by Dormer were simply waiting at a traffic light at the time. While law enforcement are in a better position to deal with various types of criminals, it does not mean that they are not also at risk. That risk can come from anywhere. In this case, it was a former member of law enforcement, but it could be anyone with a grudge or something to prove to cops.
  • Social media and online exposure can generate support, and increase the risks Christopher Dormer has supporters, and they are online. Individuals following him could ultimately pose additional risks to law enforcement officers. Likewise, communication between Dormer and his supporters could even take place.
  • Family members of law enforcement are not safe either – protection must be extended to family members of law enforcement, as demonstrated with the murder of Monica Quan.


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