Gun Safety During Weapons Training

During weapons and tactical training, an emphasis upon safety is absolutely essential. After all, many trainees do have more limited experience handling guns.  Use of weapons during various training sessions is essential to increase effective procedures and response protocols. But protecting the safety of both training officers and trainees is integral, and the following procedures should be incorporated into all routines:

  • Removal of lime ammunition from the premises – no weapons containing live ammunition should be accessible on the premises at all. If they are available, there is a chance that they will end up being used in the training protocols by accident.
  • Use of the gun’s safety – even when there is no live ammunition in available weapons, engaging a gun’s safety is necessary as it promotes good habits. It also ensures that regardless of the type of ammunition used, that there is no opportunity for accident discharge.
  • Training officers should lead by example – guns, even when they are not loaded with live ammunition, should be treated with care. Training offers need to set a positive example so that trainees

When proper procedures are in place, officer safety is increased. Officer protection must be a priority both on and off the job.

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