Determining When It’s Time to Retire from the Force

Knowing when it is time to retire from the force can actually play a major role in maintaining your safety. This is also why police officers are eligible for retirement far earlier. But when you are considering retirement before old age is ever really a factor, you do need to carefully consider when it is the right time.

Common reasons officers do choose to retire include:

  • A desire to get off the streets – patrolling can be a dangerous, unpredictable job. Getting off the streets can be reassuring, particularly if a desk job is not up your alley.
  • More consistency in life – shift work, and availability at a greater number of times throughout the week can make it hard to maintain a family life and schedule. With superiority there is more flexibility, but crime and public safety issues occur unexpectedly, making it necessary to be on call.
  • Opportunity – when your pension typically provides you with 50% of your salary after 20 years of service, it makes it possible to retire and try something new, while still having a fairly significant guaranteed income.
  • Changing physical condition – injuries, age, and health problems can all encourage officers to leave the force when they believe they can no longer do the job as well, or when the job is taking a toll on their physical health.

What do you think will cause you to retire from the police force? Or, are you a retired officer that can share your story about what encouraged you to choose your retirement time?

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