Privacy for Cops Acquires

The Public Safety Assistance Foundation (“PSAF”), which operates as, has always been here to provide online opt-out services for members of law enforcement, public officials, and their families. Over the years, PSAF has been instrumental in helping to remove the private information of thousands of law enforcement officers and their families from countless online databases.

Why is this important you ask? The answer is simple, in this day and age our men and women in blue are not only under constant surveillance, but threats from those who would do them physical, emotional, and yes financial harm. In the early days, we focused our efforts in California with California sworn officers and officials, but thanks in part to our success and the support of our affiliates and numerous police officer associations, we are now able to reach out to law enforcement agencies around the country.

Who Is was founded in 2005 by California law enforcement officers. and PSAF were the initial two companies pioneering the Privacy Letter Packages for all elected and appointed officials in the state of California. Both organizations shared the same vision to help fellow law enforcement officers protect their privacy from those who would do them harm. Together, we share the same goals and try to provide our members with the latest information covering information removal.

Why Acquire
With so many different ways to find personal information online, criminals and those with criminal intent, are finding ways to locate police officers and their families. Staying safe continues to become harder and harder virtually every day.

With two like-minded organization servicing the same industry, it made perfect sense to merge the two together in order to provide better coverage, more details, and of course reach more members of law enforcement. From helping you learn how to set up the privacy settings on your Facebook page to showing you how to keep your information at City Hall more secure, PSAF and is here to help.

Join us in this merger and let us help protect your privacy and that of your loved ones. Safety is everyone’s business, protecting your privacy starts here.

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