Coronavirus Scam

The Coronavirus is making headlines every day and it’s got us all on edge! We’re running out to buy water, stock up on food storage, purchase hand sanitizer by the dozens, bleach, sanitary wipes, masks, etc. Anything that we think will help us stay healthy.

In addition, schools are closing at the possible hint of exposure, our financial market is declining, and travel is being postponed. What’s also scary, is that vendors are selling fraudulent Covid-19 products that claim to cure the virus. But really, these products can cause major health issues for people and also violate federal law.

Criminals are taking advantage.
As people search for answers, the criminals come out and are trying to take advantage of our fears and desperation. The FBI recently released a warning about a fake world health organization flyer that’s been making the rounds. And phishing scams are on the rise.

What you need to know, so that you don’t get ripped off!
Look out for fraudulent emails and fundraising scams. Emails that look real (but aren’t) are being sent out with links and attachments asking you to click and download. If you do, you could be giving hackers your personal information. A search on for Coronavirus turns up more than 3,000 results. But the FTC warns that scammers are setting up bogus charities. Be sure to do your research before donating.

Stay informed so that you don’t fall for any of these rip-offs!

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