Fraudsters are getting savvy. Beware of the latest scams!

Every day, more and more people are falling victim to online scams. Fraudsters are posing as banks, shopping centers, UPS stores, Amazon, and countless others. They are savvy and will reach out to you online via social media, email, phone calls, and text messaging impersonating themselves as fraud departments.


• Don’t engage. Scammers want you to reply. They want you to click the links. They want you to ask questions. Don’t give them the satisfaction.

• Don’t click on any links unless you know for certain that it is a legitimate source. When in doubt, just delete it, block the source, and move on with your day.

• Don’t ever give out your personal information online. If a site or email is asking for your date of birth, photo, or address for example, don’t engage

• Don’t pay anyone with gift cards. If someone is asking you to go to the store and buy gift cards, don’t do it. Come on – that’s a straight scam!

• Beware of requests to download appx to “fix issues.” That could be a scam too.

• Don’t change your password just because you receive a request to do so. If you receive a one-time passcode that you didn’t initiate, it’s a scam.

Arm yourself with information, so you don’t fall victim.

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