Porch Pirate Theft on The Rise

Shopping online has never been more convenient. It’s fast, affordable, and reliable. But, porch pirate thieves are out there searching neighborhoods and watching for deliveries to be left on front porches, so that they can run up and steal packages.

Try these tips to ensure that your packages make inside your home!

Turn on your porch light!
As we all know, bad guys prefer the dark. They don’t want you to turn your lights on outside. But you must! It’s a natural deterrent, because you can see them and hopefully, so can your neighbors and/or passersby’s.

Install a Video Doorbell
Criminals don’t want to be caught on camera. So, just knowing that your home is equipped with a doorbell cam might dissuade a bag guy from choosing your home. Typically, video doorbells will alert you when a person, animal, or thing is detected. You’ll get an alert inside your home and on your smart device, so that you’ll know when a delivery person drops off a package (or when a porch pirate is lingering).

Request a Signature
This is usually an option depending on the type of item you are having delivered. Delivery companies such as FedEx and UPS will wait until someone answers the door and signs for the package rather than leave your shipment by your door.

Ship Packages Elsewhere
Consider having your package delivered to your job or your neighbors house who you know will be home. You can also send them directly to a mail center, such as a UPS Store. This way your items will be held in a P.O. Box until you can get there to pick it up. Retail stores will also allow you to ship items directly to their store when you are ordering their products. It’s typically free and you can pick it up onsite.

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