Working from home? Beware of Bossware!

Bossware, also known as tattleware, is software that allows companies to monitor and track employees who are working at home.

Initially, it started out as a way for supervisors to monitor what staff members were doing, because employers didn’t want them doing anything that could get the company in trouble, such as insider trading. But, it wasn’t thought through very well, because the downside of these choices and the message that they are sending to employees is loud and clear – that they don’t trust them. Employees who sense that they are not trusted, are probably less likely to trust you and therefore not be as productive.

And then there is the issue of an employees right to privacy. Just because an employer issues you with a computer and software, doesn’t give them the legal right to impede upon your workspace. Especially when you are working from home.

It’s completely natural to check your personal email and social media while working. Particularly if you are working at home.

If you have work issued technology at home, here are some tips to help keep your privacy under wrap:

1. Designate a private space at home where you can work.
2. Use a separate computer or phone for doing personal things.
3. Use a separate email account for sending personal emails.

Demand transparency, so that there are no surprises from your employer. If the company has less than 500 employees, they should not be spying on you. Review your ethics policy and know your rights. Bossware may be hazardous to your health!

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