Reasonable Ways you Can Protect Yourself from Bad Guys

You’ve probably seen the videos caught on tape of unprovoked attacks on innocent people. They’re all over the news. Recent reports show violent crimes, including car jackings and assaults are on the rise all over the country. It’s all so shocking! A woman in Philadelphia was simply driving and sitting at a light when a person in another car pulled up next to her, opens her door, pulls her out of her car, and takes off with her vehicle. In another incident in San Jose, California, a person was sitting in their car in a parking lot when a man walks up, breaks the window on the passenger side, steals a purse, and runs off. What has come of this country that we don’t even feel safe while driving or sitting in our cars?

Here are some simple tips to help you avoid being the target of violence:

  • Park close to locations. Especially if you are by yourself. At nighttime, park next to a lamp post. Bad guys don’t like to be seen, so they are less likely to target you in the light.
  • Look at your surroundings and have your car keys ready before you leave the store. Don’t put them in your purse, because if someone snatches your purse, they have your keys too. If you just came out of the mall or a store and are loading things in your car, always look around. See if anyone is following you or watching you a little too closely.
  • Don’t Fight! If someone approaches you and wants your wallet, your phone, or even your car – give it to them! Your life is more important.
  • Never ever walk away from your car while it’s warming up! It’s an invitation for a thief to take your car.
  • Wear only one earbud/earphone while walking. Bad guys like people who are distracted, so make sure you can hear what’s going on around you. If you are out running or walking and want to wear both earbuds, turn the volume so far down that you can hear well and even hold a conversation with someone next to you if needed.
  • Lock your car door (even while driving). And make sure your windows are up high enough that someone can’t reach in.

Bonus Tip!

If you are parking at the mall, park near the security booth. It’s a little extra assurance that someone is looking out for you.

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