What Do Police Do During a Natural Disaster?

Recently, there has been some negative publicity surrounding the behaviors of police officers during a natural disaster – specifically, relating to an incident during Katrina. However, it is important to remember the positive contribution that law enforcement have on the communities they work in when a natural disaster – like recent hurricane Isaac – strikes.

  • They anticipate the upcoming storm – law enforcement stays up to date on any storms that may be passing through the area, and takes steps to secure their premises and equipment in order to provide better protection to residents.
  • They work through their own hardships – law enforcement officers report to duty, despite how the storm has impacted their personal life and home. They put their community first.
  • They offer disaster relief – law enforcement plays a large role in the rehabilitation of a community that has been impacted by a natural disaster. The tasks that they’re involved in are varied, and depend entirely upon the local needs.
  • They complete their regular job duties – while engaging in activities designed to help with disaster relief, local law enforcement also completes their regular duties. As a result, the job responsibilities of law enforcement on duty merely grow following a natural disaster.


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