Safety When Pulling Over Motorists

As a police officer, an important part of remaining safe while pulling over a motorist, is ensuring that the individual driving is calm, and that they understand the process. This is better accomplished if they are educated on how to appropriately approach what is definitely an overwhelming situation for the general public. Try to inform individuals in your municipality of these tips:

  • Recommend that drivers only pull over where it is safe – drivers panic and try to pull over as soon as they can when they see a police car flashing at them. However, it is safer for all if they know it is okay to get to a safe area.
  • Don’t drive for longer than necessary when being pulled over – while drivers shouldn’t pull over where it is unsafe, they should avoid passing safe spots or police assume the worst, and that can lead to a dangerous confrontation. It is normal for cops to assume that a driver is trying to make an escape, or ditch some kind of drug paraphernalia while buying time.
  • Stay in the car, and keep hands on the wheel – officers will assume that an individual moving their hands around a lot or getting out of the car is aiming to be confrontational. This puts both the car’s driver and the cop in a situation that could turn dangerous. Compliant drivers should simply sit tight, with their hands visible (or on the wheel) while dealing with an officer.



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