How Police Departments Can Make Social Media Work

Recently, we’ve discussed the importance of social media safety for law enforcement officers fairy extensively. Careful use of social media is essential for police officers to preserve the integrity of their department, and their own personal safety. However, that doesn’t mean that all law enforcement should swear off social media entirely. Police departments can use social media to their advantage in the following ways:

  • Community jobs – if you have job openings in your department, are beginning a new officer training program, or are aware of job opportunities within your local community; post them!
  • Local statistics – people want to know what the crime statistics are in their local area, as well as other important Census information.
  • Crime and department related news – if anything significant is happening within your department, or in the community (that is a legal-related issue), open up the opportunity for discussion on the social media page.
  • Post local sex offenders and most wanted criminals – make sure that the local community is familiar with local sex offenders in the area and most wanted criminals that your department is looking for. Ensure that photos are included with any other relevant information.

When using social media for your police department, also ensure that you are engaging the general public, as that is essential!


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