Safe Driving Tips for Officers

At this time of year, both weather conditions and reckless drivers can risk officer safety on the road. It may be your job to serve and protect, but you also need to consider maintaining your own personal safety. Be aware of the following risks:

  • Drunk drivers – with holiday parties and other events taking place at this time of year, it is always important to be on the lookout for drunk or reckless drivers. Don’t take the behavior of other drivers for granted; always proceed with extra caution.
  • Weather conditions – if you live in a climate that gets snow, even when involved in a chase, recognize that your vehicle just will not drive the same way that it does on bare roads. The same guidelines apply when driving in heavy rain. Assume that other drivers have decreased visibility when approaching intersections, and that they might not be safe drivers considering the weather.
  • Road rage – road rage is an issue as there is increased traffic congestion around the holidays. Many frustrated drivers appear on the roads and this should always be considered.


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