Personality Types and Their Impact on Job Safety

According to a study by The Walter Reed Army Institute of Research there is a difference in the level of fatigue that cops feel on the job that depends upon their personality type.  As a result, it is important to be cognizant of your personality style so that you can prepare accordingly and remain aware of your weaknesses while dealing with suspects and other situations you encounter while on duty.

The reality is that extroverts are at a much greater risk of losing focus when fatigued on the job than introverts. By nature, a large majority of people that choose the law enforcement profession are extroverts. Fatigue increases the risks of:

  • Poor concentration when driving
  • Slower physical reaction time
  • Lack of awareness of surroundings

To reduce the likelihood of fatigue on the job, law enforcement should:

  • Try and get adequate sleep before shift work
  • Take breaks from tasks that are taxing on the eyes that increase fatigue
  • Create opportunity to engage in physical activity to improve alertness
  • Limit consumption of sugar or caffeine that can result in a hard crash and physical exhaustion



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