Signs That Your Privacy is Being Compromised

No law enforcement officer ever wants to believe that their privacy has been violated, but being aware of the signs is essential to help recognize the reality.

  • You frequently see the same individual when out in public – if you frequently see the same person while out in public at varying times, you may have someone stalking you. Even if it seems harmless at first, you know already in your career that the issue can escalate. In some cases, you may find that an individual is showing up where you are, and it clearly isn’t a coincidence. They may be accessing your information online in order to determine where you are.
  • You notice the same people commenting in an oppositional way on social media – aggression can be taken out online on your social media pages, and while you may not be able to tell if you are being stalked virtually, you can tell when you have a vendetta against you.
  • Your personal information is being posted online – if you monitor information that appears about you online, you may find that someone has posted personal information or photos. This is an obvious violation of privacy, but only if you find it. This is where you really need to focus on taking control and ensuring that anything that violates your privacy is removed before your safety is compromised.


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