New Year’s Resolutions for Law Enforcement

Law enforcement officers also need to focus on their personal and professional goals moving into the new year. They should be realistic and attainable in order to increase the likelihood of success. Goals can be personal or professional, but at the end of the day any steps that officers take to improve their lives ultimately benefit their careers as well. Great resolutions for law enforcement may include:

  • Receiving further training – officers can always continuously receive further education. In 2013, resolve to attend seminars or educational sessions that could improve various aspects of your job performance. Training can also include spending more time at the gun range getting practice in to improve skills further.
  • Attaining balance – many officers struggle to dedicate time to family members without the distractions of work or other job-related responsibilities. Having dedicated time with loved ones can reduce on the job stress, and should be made a priority.
  • Connecting with the partner – if you are an officer that works closely with a partner, then forming a close bond can actually be life-saving. Take the time to learn more about your partner both personally and professionally in order to increase that bond between you, as this will allow you to function even more effectively as a single unit.
  • Rest up – many officers function on very little sleep, and this can compromise their abilities while on the job. This year, ensure that you get adequate sleep, as this will help you do your job better and give more to your family.



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