Does Society Benefit from Police Being Armed?

With gun control a hotter topic of debate than ever before, there are members of society that have been questioning whether or not our world is better off by having cops that carry guns. So what are the benefits of having armed police in the US, versus unarmed cops in countries like the United Kingdom?

  • Police can handle any situation – with many members of our society armed, unarmed police just may not be in a position to ease a situation if a criminal believes that they have the upper hand.
  • Police are protected – each and every day, members of the police force put themselves in a position where their physical well-being is at risk. If they are unarmed, they do not have the opportunity to protect themselves, even when individuals they are confronting are armed.
  • Police can promote safe use of firearms – by carrying firearms and using them safely and effectively, it becomes more apparent to society that guns are tools that can be useful if used the right way. Officers can also promote safe use education to ensure that society is well-informed about firearms.

Regardless of your stance on gun control in the United States, you may hold a different belief about officers and the pros of having them armed. Share your opinion on the benefits of armed cops!

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