Protecting Your Reputation on and Off the Job

When you are a police officer, you are representing your force whether you are on or off the job, and should always conduct yourself accordingly. After all, your conduct reflects upon the rest of your squad, and can impact your own job security. Keep these tips in mind whenever you are out in the community, and ultimately, this will also garner you more respect (which impacts your own personal privacy):

  • Deal with suspects in a respectful manner – no matter who you are dealing with on the job, take steps to ensure that you are respectful, even if they are not offering you the same courtesy. You can be firm as required, just don’t say anything defamatory, or use excessive force.
  • Focus on moderation with your social behavior – this means when in public, remember that people are always watching. Avoid excessive drinking, excessively loud behavior, or other actions that could garner you negative attention.
  • Be careful who you associate with – whether it is fair or not, the people you are seen interacting with either in public or online can be a reflection upon you.

The level of respect that you get from the community can have a big bearing upon your overall safety, as the public will offer you increased privacy.


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