Your Private Information Is Like Your Credit Report

As a law enforcement agent or public official, it is in your best interest to learn just  how the internet can affect your life.  It’s like your credit report; it’s there and even if you do not check it, your credit worthiness and what companies ‘think of you’ rests on this one report.  Your ability to obtain credit and protect your identity relies on your financial activity and how you manage this credit profile, a profile that you did not create but needless to say exists and has an impact on your life.

Even if you do not spend much time online except for reading blogs and perhaps keeping up with Facebook, your online reputation is an important part of managing your personal yet very public identity just like your credit report.  Take for example, you probably have a cell phone and most cell phone carriers allow their users to have caller I.D. When you call someone from your cell phone and your name appears on the I.D., a person can take your name and area code, and find out approximately where you live, because most people will have an area code that coincides with the city they live.  Your name, area code and city are enough information for someone to go online and begin their search for your address.  This little collection of information helps to single you out from the rest of America.

Then with the help of databrokers, more about you is revealed from the information they post on their websites, like names of people you are related to, your approximate income, your religion, even your hobbies.  The same information repeats for those they say are related to you and the cycle continues, making it easy for someone you apprehended or placed in prison to search for you and to potentially cause harm to you and your family.

Privacy for police officers, judges, politicians and their families is a growing issue but good news is, you can take control of this and no longer have to operate in the dark.  And that’s where Privacy for Cops comes in.  Police privacy and privacy for those who encounter some of the most troubled in society, whether on the streets, in the courts, or stalkers who lurk in the general public, have an urgent need to protect where they live and the identities of their closest family members.  By utilizing our privacy kit, you are taking a crucial step in fighting back against the increased risks that are created when databrokers sell and repackage your information, and that of your loved ones.

Here are also some tips to help limit the exposure of your private information:

  1. Limit information you put on your social networking profiles such as address, telephone number, birthdate, and real time updates of where you are.
  2. Do not enter sweepstakes, contests, or respond to random surveys.
  3. Avoid subscribing to retail magazines.
  4. Make your credit report private and closed from third party offers.
  5. Rent a post office box and use that address whenever possible.

Again, you no longer have to operate in the dark when it comes to this issue of privacy.  Privacy for Cops understands your need for privacy and the important impact it can have on your life.  You owe it to yourself and to your family to take control of your information today.


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