When Public Officials Are Stalked






Judge Gregg P. Iddings in Adrian, MI was stalked by a man named Robert Brown Donet.  Donet threatened the judge and police found in Donet’s possession two shotguns and two rifles. “He is allegedly ineligible to possess firearms due to prior felony burglary and assault convictions,” according to a local article.  Donet was jailed in lieu of bond for the stalking charge in early October.

Just a few days prior, a Madison, WI man named James D. Hills was convicted of the stalking and extortion of “Assistant City Attorney Lana Mades, who prosecuted Hills for disorderly conduct in Madison Municipal Court.” Hills had sent threatening letters and issued voice mails for 10 months to Mades.  He now “faces up to 9½ years of combined prison and extended supervision”, states another local article.  Thankfully neither the judge nor prosecutor were physically hurt in either case.

In any kind of public service role, all it takes is one person to perceive you have treated them unfairly or ruined their life in order to become a stalking victim. The stalking of and privacy for police, judges, prosecutors, and politicians is something that should always be taken seriously.  You can  never tell when that one person you apprehend, prosecute or try in a court of law, or even anger after giving a speech will become a threat to you and your family.  Your workplace safety should be a concern and also outside of work as you drive home, go to the grocery store, or even travel to local places and events.

No one can be immune to stalking so we have provided a link to a handy tip sheet on what to do if you find yourself a victim :  www.ccafv.org/docs/Stalking_Tips_Rev1.pdf .  Some of what is on that tip sheet includes the following:

  • Do not attempt to negotiate with a stalker, avoid contact or communication!
  • Telling a stalker ten times to leave you alone is nine times to[o] many, be consistent
  • If you think you are being stalked, call the police. Make sure each incident is reported to the police, keep the complaint number and obtain a copy of the report.
  • If you have become the victim of harassing telephone calls, it is very important that you keep records of the dates and time of the calls, whatever the caller says, and any specifics regarding their accent or speech.
  • Vary your routes to and from work or school.
  • Inform your building, office or campus security guards that someone is stalking you. Travel with a companion whenever possible.

Stalkers personally justify their threatening actions.  Police privacy and that of public officials is something you should strongly consider if you hold any public position or work in an agency that provides public service.  So create your plan of personal safety today and take preventative measures against potential stalking behavior and attacks.

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