Online Video Advocates Violence Towards Law Enforcement

The subjects in a recent online video are putting out a call to action to advocate a movement against Law Enforcement Officers (“pigs”) and start a revolution in California. The speaker makes note of the fact that they have spent time trying to figure out where Law Enforcement live and where agents and officials live so that they can start pressuring them at their homes.

The video is specifically trying to convince people to start showing up at the homes of “police, the prosecutors, the judges, wardens, mayors,” and “take the fight” to the police. It seems as though the subjects in the video view these professions as viable targets in response to the recent attacks that have taken place in black communities. The video also calls on people to engage in firearms training in order to be able to defend themselves; and specifically mentions the areas of Simi Valley, Laguna Hills, Irvine, Norwalk, and others as having a large population of Law Enforcement Officers which makes them viable targets.

Due to the accessibility of this video, the Public Safety Assistance Foundation feels it is important to remind you to be mindful of your surroundings and regularly monitor your personal information online.

Disclaimer – The video contains language that might be considered offensive. The Public Safety Assistance Foundation is sharing the information as a benefit to our supporters.

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