Proactive Policing Gains in Popularity

While it might seem (depending on which news service you follow) that the majority of Americans are not happy with the idea of proactive policing, a survey completed in the summer of 2018 by the National Police Association offered some surprising results. In fact, the numbers show that the majority of the public supports the idea of proactive policing because it has been proven to reduce the number of victims and the number of people committing crimes.

What the Survey Showed
One of the items those who participated in the survey stated, was that they believe that all the negative publicity and media attacks on law enforcement agencies and their officers has had a negative impact. The problem is that many officers have become reluctant to step in and stop crimes like murders and robberies before they occur.

The survey also found that many officers are now afraid to perform tasks such as wrestling a suspect to the ground, stopping them by using their nightstick, of the use of any other type of force to stop a crime for fear of being sued. Worse yet, they fear being charged with “police brutality,” which can carry heavy penalties such as fines, loss of job, and imprisonment. Most of those surveyed stated they support the rights of law enforcement officers to use reasonable force to halt a crime in progress, apprehend as suspect, or to defend themselves in the event they are subjected to a physical attack.

It should come as no surprise that over 90% of those who responded to the survey completely reject the ridiculous demands by a number of the most radical “anti-police” groups that police officers no longer be allowed to carry guns.

More Important Findings from the Survey
Most of those surveyed believe that law enforcement officers should be permitted to work with immigration agents to help deport dangerous illegal and legal immigrants. Something that does not always happen, resulting in a much higher level of crimes being committed in this county by illegal aliens.

More than 80% of those surveyed say they do not agree with the many politicians in Washington D.C. who would give murderers, rapists, and burglars who have been convicted the right to vote. Instead, they categorically oppose the idea that convicted criminals be given the right to vote. This right has been taken from every convicted felon for decades.

Many say that schools should be responsible for teaching their students to respect police officers and how to behave in the event they are stopped by a police officer for any reason. They also stated that they would prefer to see a larger police presence in their neighborhood with the ability to stop and question suspicious people rather than having to wait until a crime has actually been committed before stepping in.

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