Violence Against Police Growing

It’s an extremely difficult time for police officers. Violence against them seems to be escalating and is raising fears among civilians. It’s escalating to the point where we have anti-police state politicians promoting messages of hate, standing on lawns, threatening neighbors, and calling people racists. They are facing reasonable criticism for using unnecessary force. And their physical safety and the conditions under which they are being required to work is terrifying.

Is this really how we want to treat our heroes on the frontlines?
On one hand, officers are cheered for kneeling and marching with protesters. Then on the other hand, they are denounced for using force against rogue protesters. Officers are being shot, targeted with rocks and fireworks, and even struck by cars. Is this how we want to treat our law enforcement – our heroes on the frontlines? The people who are sworn to serve and protect our communities. The people who are there for us when the bad guys come knocking. No way!

Protests are leading to riots and one tragedy is leading to another. But, contrary to popular beliefs, peaceful protesters are not trying to evoke violence or destroy property. Rather they are trying to spread positive messages of hope and bring awareness to problem issues.

We need our law enforcement officers
The potential for an increased amount of violence is worrisome. The longer this goes on, and no solutions are made, the more we will see both sides escalating. Let’s all hope the tone will shift and the violence and hateful messages stop. We need our LEOs and our communities wouldn’t be the same without them.

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