Imposter Scams on the Rise. Take Steps to Verify!

What is an Imposter Scam?                  An imposter scam is when someone poses as your friend, a business, a romantic interest, a charity, or some other trusted source, and reaches out to you requesting money. The request looks real, but isn’t.

Classic Warning Signs:

  • A text or phone call from someone pretending to be a bank. Maybe they contact you about a recent transaction or maybe they ask if they can have remote access to your computer to “protect” your account. Don’t fall for it! It’s a scam.
  • Businesses claiming you owe them money. If they threaten you just hang up the phone.
  • Someone claiming to be from an internet service, such as AT&T or Comcast, suggesting that they have detected spyware on your device and that they need your credit card information in order to keep it from being shutoff.

Tips to Protect Yourself:

  • Don’t send money to someone you don’t know. Once you do, it will be hard to track and hard to reverse.
  • Verify information is real. Use the customer service phone number that is listed on one of your statements and call to verify that they were trying to reach you.
  • Hang up on unknown and unsolicited callers.
  • NEVER give out personal information, such as your credit card, where you bank, social security number or anything else.
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